101 years ago today, Jane Morris died

Today marks the anniversary of Jane Morris’ death 101 years ago. Wife of William Morris, she was immortalized on canvas repeatedly by Dante Gabriel Rossetti.

Jane Morris, Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Jane Morris, Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Here’s the post I wrote last year: 100 years after her death, Jane Morris continues to inspire.

'The Hour Glass', Evelyn De Morgan (1905)
‘The Hour Glass’, Evelyn De Morgan (1905)

Also written last year, The Hour Glass: On Jane Morris and Aging.

A look at Jane as Rossetti’s Day Dream.

'The Day Dream', Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1880)
‘The Day Dream’, Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1880)

Brilliant, thought provoking post by Kirsty Stonell Walker: Jane and the Wrongs of Women

And Writing Jane Morris.

Jane Morris
Jane Morris
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