Auction Watch: Pre-Raphaelite Items on eBay

First, a disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with any of these eBay sellers and am not endorsing their items. That being said, I’ve noticed some interesting auctions currently running on eBay. (Links will open in new browser windows):

SIMEON SOLOMON pre Raphaelite // Bowery NY in 1866 mag

Pre-Raphaelite Covered Ruskin book, 1874 this one I LOVE. The cover is so pretty.

Pre-Raphaelite Photography by Graham Ovenden (1972)

Rare ART NOUVEAU Pre-Raphaelite LADIES Fabric

And I save the best for last. If I could possibly afford it, I wouldn’t dream of sharing this little gem with you. Instead, I’d be bidding right now. To even hold a copy of The Germ would be such a thrill for me! But, as it is not in my budget I will pass it on to you. I hope that it finds a deserving home:


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