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Pre-Raphaelite Related Links, March 15th 2008:

Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page selling giant Pre-Raphaelite ‘Holy Grail’ tapestry

Dante Gabriel Rossetti had a passion. For wombats.

Pre-Raphaelite Caricatures (via The Beautiful Necessity)

Decorating a la Morris (via Earthly Paradise)

Exhibit: February 21 – April 26, 2008 Facing the Late Victorians:
Portraits of Writers and Artists from the
Mark Samuels Lasner Collection

Wait!  I thought I was done, but I just discovered this:

Just see what a creative person can do with Pre-Raph art and a chocolate box!

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  1. I remember Rossetti once wrote Jane Morris about getting a pet wombat…I had no idea he’d drawn them so many times, though! And I had no idea that Jimmy Page collects Pre-Raphaelite art–how cool!

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