Immersed in Sidonia

I’m still reading Sidonia the Sorceress and am actually surprised at how much I’m enjoying it.  I spent most of the weekend reading and jotting down a few notes for a future blog post.

And then the unthinkable happened.

Sunday night, my husband had a horrible wreck on his motorcycle.  I’m grateful for the neighbors that discovered him right away and were able to call for help and be there for him.  The wait in the emergency room was something I never want to repeat again ever in my life.  Thank goodness he is fine, apart from a very painful broken ankle and foot that requires surgery.  (Speaking of surgery, our son just had surgery on both his legs two weeks ago.  This has been an interesting month.)

So, understandably, my reading has been interrupted for a bit.  I feel Sidonia beckoning, though.  I can not stay away from her for long.

I’ve become curious about her.  I can not find much information about Sidonia von Bork, apart from this Wikipedia page.  Isn’t it fascinating?  I find that I want to know more about the real Sidonia, not just the fictional depiction of her in William Meinhold’s tale.

If you’re reading along with me, I’d love to hear from you.  Also, I’ve created a new page, Pre-Raphaelite Reading Project, where I plan to keep a record of Pre-Raphaelite inspired readings.  If you have any book suggestions, please share!

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2 Replies to “Immersed in Sidonia”

  1. Sorry about your bad news, hope both are recovering well.

    i too am absolutely loving Sidonia. I have just started on book 2 this morning. Working all week, I really only get chance to read it on the train to and from work. Without wishing to introduce spoilers, I must say i was a bit shocked at how Book 1 ended, but maybe that can be discussed elsewhere.

    Like you I have also been trying to find out more about the real Sidonia and the other characters in the book, as you say information is hard to find – but fascinating. I shall probably write up what I find out about them at some time.

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