John Ruskin and Pre-Raphaelite art on OvationTV tonight

If you get the Ovation TV channel, there is a wonderful program on tonight that takes a look at John Ruskin and the Pre-Raphaelites. Check your local listings!

A look at non-Western art traditions and the ways in which they have shaped Western civilization. On an epic journey through stunning locations in Greece, Turkey, France, Italy, Switzerland, Britain, Germany, Spain, Egypt, China and the United States, this series explores how art reflects the fantastic leaps that civilization has made.Each episode of the series tells a self-contained story about how the art of the past has given us new ways of thinking and feeling that still inform our lives today. This episode focuses on the effect industrialization has had in the art world. Matthew Collings and fellow art critic John Ruskin travel through Venice, the Swiss Alps and Britain’s resplendent Lake District as they show us the ways that art is able to reconnect us with nature, which has been tarnished by man’s journey through the industrial age

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One Reply to “John Ruskin and Pre-Raphaelite art on OvationTV tonight”

  1. Oh, I’m so upset! I wish I had Ovation TV on my cable provider! I would very much like to see this program. I notice that they do have some of their programs on their website. I hope that they do that with this one! It’s so wonderful to hear someone talking about the Pre-Raphs as the radicals that they really were at the time. I mean, it’s really obvious when you see the art that was being produced by the Academicians at the time, but as the presenter says, it’s not noticeable from our 20th century perspective. I do think it’s funny that he says that Pre-Raph art is liked by those who don’t like modern art today. Absolutely true, my dear sir, absolutely true!!

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