Kelmscott Manor

My friend Jack Challem emailed me several days ago. He’s has been kind enough to share priceless info with me before, namely an article about Elizabeth Siddal and Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s handwriting, an image of their marriage certificate, and photos of Lizzie Siddal’s grave.

Once again, I am grateful that he has shared with us a wonderful image! He writes:
Hi Stephanie,

We returned from England about a week ago. We walked by Rossetti’s
house in Chelsea a couple of times. At the Tate Britain, Edward
Burne-Jones’s “Author in Avalon” was on display. It’s a magnificent
painting. More info at these two sites:

Pre-Raphaelite Painting of Arthur returns -temporarily- to Britain

We drove out to Kelmscott Manor, where Jane Morris lived. The
highlights included an oil painting of Janey by DGR, chalk drawings of
her daughters (again by DGR), and at least a dozen pencil
illustrations by Burne-Jones.

Attached is a photo of the entrance to Kelmscott Manor that you’re
welcome to post, if you wish.

My best,

kelmscottKelmscott Manor

Kelmscott Manor
Kelmscott Manor @ Wikipedia
William Morris Society info on Kelmscott Manor
Kelmscott Manor on

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One Reply to “Kelmscott Manor”

  1. Thanks Jack and thanks Stephanie for those links on the Burne Jones Arthur painting. I have never seen it but fully intend to go to the Tate to see what was his last painting. It was said he dug a trench in his studio that he could lower the painting into in order to paint the higher portions of the picture.

    I have a photo of Rossetti’s house in Chelsea but it doesn’t show too much because the high railings. I’ve never been to Kelmscott Manor. It is a trip I must make. I love Rossetti’s chalks, I guess because they have an element of spontaneity about them.

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