Love’s Shadow

Love's Shadow
Love’s Shadow (1867), Frederick Sandys

Although Frederick Sandys was not a member of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, he is among those artists often described as Pre-Raphaelite because of their similarity in style. Sandys lived with Dante Gabriel Rossetti for a time in Rossetti’s home in Cheyne Walk. In another post (Helen of Troy) I mentioned that Rossetti accused Sandys of plagiarism.

The model for Love’s Shadow was Mary Emma Jones, an actress who used the stage name Miss Clive. She posed for Sandys for several years, eventually becoming his lover and bearing 10 children.This portrait was painted during the time Sandys lived with Rossetti.  I love her flower-eating aggressive attitude.

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2 Replies to “Love’s Shadow”

  1. Great expression in the girl’s face.

    I’ve always found the way Sandys rendered hair to be very inspiring and very educational. He was a great exponent of chalk pastels particularly.

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