New Year, New Project

I am exhausted. On a whim, I decided to paint my living area and kitchen red. I’ve always wanted red walls. I think they are bold and artistic and for me it represents a creative outlook that I’m trying to indulge in my life. But, good grief does my back ache right now. I am literally standing in the midst of chaos. I’m no where close to finished, but I was able to rehang some prints in my first dry corner. It’s nice to see progress. And doesn’t Ophelia look perfect against red?

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  • Kathleen

    That looks wonderful; you should be really proud of your achievement! I would have set ‘Ophelia’ against more sea-coloured walls, if that makes sense, and am very impressed with how striking she is against the red.

  • Stephanie Piña

    Thank you all!
    Kathleen, the notion of setting Ophelia against watery colors is perfect. It also occurs to me that it would be an interesting idea to plant a flower bed using the flowers Ophelia talks about in Act 4, Scene 5 pf Hamlet. Hmm, new project idea?

  • Carla Martin-Wood via Facebook

    GORGEOUS! I’d do that myself — but, alas, I have no windows that let in the light in my place. I do have sliding glass doors, but there is a big overhang from the balcony above, obliterating any chance of sunlight. So red walls would make mine a cave — I’ll simply have to content myself with enjoying this lovely photo of yours.

  • April

    Beautiful! I’ve always wanted strong colored walls, but my otherwise beloved spouse wants white, white, white. Which is why, one day when he was at work, I painted the ceiling of one room cadet blue…it took him days to notice!

    • Stephanie Piña

      Isn’t the idea of an Ophelia garden lovely? And I think it could be done on a small scale if someone didn’t have the space available.

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