Christina Rossetti,  Pre-Raphaelite Poems

Piteous My Rhyme

christina-rossetti-190×278.jpgPiteous My Rhyme
Christina Rossetti

 Piteous my rhyme is
What while I muse of love and pain,
Of love misspent, of love in vain,
Of love that is not loved again:
 And is this all then ?
 As long as time is,
Love loveth. Time is but a span,
The dalliance space of dying man:
And is this all immortals can ?
 The gain were small then.

 Love loves for ever,
And finds a sort of joy in pain,
And gives with nought to take again,
And loves too well to end in vain:
 Is the gain small then?
 Love laughs at “never”,
Outlives our life, exceeds the span
Appointed to mere mortal man:
All which love is and does and can
 Is all in all then.

Portrait of Christina Rossetti, painted by her brother Dante Gabriel Rossetti

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