Study for Fair Rosamund

The more I study the Pre-Raphaelites, the more I discover that I often prefer the artist’s studies rather than the paintings themselves.  Although I love Fair Rosamund, I find the study has a sad and intimate feel that isn’t quite captured the same way in Rossetti’s finished product.  Here is Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s study for Fair Rosamund with Fanny Cornforth as the model:

Rossetti, study for Fair Rosamund

And Rossetti’s portrait Fair Rosamund:

For more on the story of Fair Rosamund see the post Fair Rosamund and Queen Eleanor which features the painting of the same name by Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones.  The jewelry in this painting is also mentioned in one of my favorite entries that I’ve written for this site:  Rossetti and His Baubles.

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  1. Was speaking recently, of directness and innocence .. perhaps urgent flow of idea of drawing being preferred to finished paintings.. because of true line gesture brought forth.. same as in poetry.. without censorship or revision.

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