Pre-Raphaelites and Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet

  “Romeo and Juliet‘s description of the frantic haste of the rash lovers blends together humor, irony, poignancy, and disapproval, but Shakespeare conveys above all a deep inward understanding of what it feels like to be young, desperate to wed, and tormented by delay.” — author Stephen Greenblatt in his book Will in the World:…
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Waiting: An English Fireside of 1854-5

Painted by Ford Madox Brown, Waiting:  An English Fireside 1854-55 was originally meant to depict a middle-class mother in a scene of domesticity.  Later, the artist made changes in order to paint her as the wife of an officer who was fighting in the Crimean war, adding a small miniature portrait of her husband in…
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Emma Madox Brown

Artist Ford Madox Brown was a widower with a young daughter, Lucy. Although not officially a member of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, he was closely involved with most of them, especially Rossetti. Emma began posing for Brown in 1848, the year the Brotherhood was formed. Romance blossomed and eventually the two unmarried lovers conceived a child….
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