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    Preparing for the Ball

    I have a weakness for paintings with mirrors in them.  Preparing for the Ball by Emma Sandys is a perfect example.  According to Pre-Raphaelite Women Artists by Jan Marsh and Pamela Gerrish Nunn, this painting has been known by more than one title:  Preparing for the Ball, Before the Mirror and The Lady of Shalott.  Does she look as if…

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    More Pre-Raphaelite Pearls

    Pearls adorn Love’s Shadow by Frederick Sandys A pearl rosary in the background of Kate Bunce’s The Keepsake: Large pearls are strung at intervals in Helen’s necklace (Helen of Troy, Dante Gabriel Rossetti) Three pearls suspended from a brooch in The Pale Complexion of True Love by Eleanor Fortescue Brickdale:

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    The Pursuit of Pearls

    To the ancient Greeks, they were tears of the gods. My grandmother’s akoya pearls are the most precious piece of jewelry I own, beside my wedding ring.  Apart from their sentimental value, they have a gorgeous lustre and have aged quite well. Pearls appear front and center in Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s Belcolore: And in Fanny Cornforth’s hair in Rossetti’s Bocca…

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    Fashion Details in Pre-Raphaelite Art

    The Pre-Raphaelites and the artists they inspired are known for their attention to detail.  While their  attention to nature is perhaps a more widely known aspect of Pre-Raphaelite art, their meticulous representation of clothing does not escape my notice.   Of course, there are many examples to choose from since Pre-Raphaelite art is rich with drapery and medieval-inspired costumes.   They…