Les Editions du Faune

Recently I did an interview with a beautiful French online magazine, Les Editions du Faune.    While it is a French publication, they have published it in both English and French, so there’s no need to use your browser to translate.  It was great fun, a lovely interview, and I’m grateful to Fanny Se for…
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A discussion of Pre-Raphaelite women on BBC Radio 4

Women’s Hour visits the Pre-Raphaelite exhibit at the Tate to discuss the female Pre-Raphaelite artists.  I am pleased with the the attention paid to Elizabeth Siddal. In particular, her illustration of The Lady of Shalott is given a nice bit of attention.  They also talk about Rosa Brett, Jane Burden Morris and May Morris.  You can…
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Celebrate PRB Day Online

Are you a Twitter user? The Pre-Raphaelite Society is commemorating the formation of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood by using a #PRBDay hashtag on September 8. You can follow The Pre-Raphaelite Society on Twitter at @PreRaphSoc and visit their website http://www.pre-raphaelitesociety.org/. Also, there is much excitement about the new Tate exhibit, Pre-Raphaelites: Victorian Avant-Garde. You can join…
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Surfacing and the death of Elizabeth Siddal

I am surfacing.  I apologize for my silence and lack of posting.  For the past couple of weeks, we’ve been coming to terms with the fact that my husband is going to continue to be hospitalized at least until mid-March with osteomyelitis, a bone infection.  So, I’ve been adapting to life with three children while…
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New Pre-Raphaelite Drama Planned:

A new drama about the Pre-Raphaelties for BBC Two (article link).  Hopefully it will make its way across the pond.  Fingers crossed! Via BBC News:  “The BBC says the six-part series will show the men striving to find fame, fortune and “quite a bit of sex along the way”. The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood formed in 1848…
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Artist’s Model Sue Tilley

Sue Tilley appears in Lucian Freud’s painting Benefits Supervisor Sleeping (a painting that recently sold for $33.6 million). Obviously, this site is devoted to artist’s models who lived mainly in the Victorian era. But Tilley gives unique insight into the experience of modeling, having posed for long periods for many months. The Art & Architecture…
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In the eye of the beholder

Millais’ lurid colours and trite rhetoric have been despised by critics for years. But underneath all that, says Jonathan Jones, lies a startling emotional truth “The Blind Girl is a mawkish, manipulative masterpiece. Seeing it, and others, in Tate Britain’s revelatory exhibition of Millais gave me a shock: I’ve discovered that I like the pre-Raphaelites….
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Ten Things You Never Knew About Ophelia

I love this new article in the Telegraph, no doubt coinciding with the upcoming Millais exhibit.  Read ten behind-the-scenes facts about one of Millais’  most famous works.

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