July Book Selection: The Arrow Chest

This marks the first modern selection for the Pre-Raphaelite Reading Project. I intend to alternate modern and classic selections, so please send me a message if you have a book suggestion. For the month of July, we’re reading The Arrow Chest by Robert Parry.  Read at your own pace, but please feel free to join in or start discussions by:

If you post about The Arrow Chest on your own blog, please send me an email (stephaniepina @ lizziesiddal.com) so that I can link to it in a future post.

Don’t forget, you can still purchase The Lady of Shalott DVD!  50% of the proceeds will go towards my husbands ever-growing medical bills incurred from his accident last month.  Thank you!

US residents can purchase The Arrow Chest via Amazon.com

UK residents can purchase via Amazon.co.uk

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3 Replies to “July Book Selection: The Arrow Chest”

  1. I love this book and it reminded me of so many different paintings! I now have to go back to The Watts Gallery to see the small double portrait Watts did of (I think) his maid, who I think of when I read about Beth.

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