The Baleful Head

balefulhead.jpgThe Baleful Head, painted by Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones

Burne Jones depicts Perseus showing Andromeda the head of the slain Medusa.  According to mythology, even looking at the dead Medusa would turn you to stone and she could only be viewed safely through her reflection.

Notice while Andromeda is looking at Medusa, Perseus is gazing steadily at Andromeda.  But at second glance (and I realize you may not be able to see this on your computer screen) it seems as if Andromeda may not be looking at Medusa at all.  Instead, her eyes seem to be looking at the reflection of Perseus.

Elsewhere Online:

From Victorian Web:  The Beautification of Ugliness in Burne-Jones’s Perseus Cycle

The Baleful Head @ Artmagick

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