Wombats love T-Shirts

It is a little known fact that wombats love T-Shirts. Especially, I am told, Pre-Raphaelite shirts designed by Raine Szramski.  This #wombatfriday is essentially a thank you, because I must express my gratitude to Raine for her Pre-Raphaelite Sisterhood shirt fundraiser. And thank you to each of you who bought shirts and contributed to my gofundme account. Also, I am extremely grateful for each of you who shared links and helped spread the word. I appreciate you all!

I am recuperating well. I have had a bit of a set back and have been put on bed rest due to a problem with some interior stitches.  On the bright side, I am in less pain and hope to be back to blogging soon.  I’ve missed Pre-Raphaelite Sisterhood. It’s been my labor of love for years, but over the past couple of weeks it has become obvious to me what an important place in my heart this site holds. Not merely because I enjoy blogging. That’s just a medium. I love sharing, discussing, and the satisfying sense of camaraderie that I have with my Pre-Raphaelite tribe.  Thank you, my friends, for being a part of that.


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