Which Pre-Raphaelite painting would you like to see come to life?

The fabulous team behind the Lady of Shalott film is at it again! Their current project involves creating four short comic sketches based on famous paintings. They have already created Mona Lisa and American Gothic and are about to do Girl with a Pearl Earring (Vermeer). You may remember that I’ve included the Mona Lisa and American Gothic videos in a previous post.
Now here’s where you come in! They have not fully decided which painting to do for the fourth video, and a Pre-Raphaelite work is a possibility. As you can see in their work, they treat the subject matter seriously and with affection, but give it an amusing twist. I’ve been asked to open this query with readers of this blog. They would love to hear your suggestions on which Pre-Raphaelite painting to tackle for their fourth video, so please post a comment!

11 thoughts on “Which Pre-Raphaelite painting would you like to see come to life?”

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  2. If the painting to come to life was female focused then it would be The Lady of Shallot by Holman Hunt, I would like to see how the movement is captured. Otherwise I think ‘Work’ by Ford Maddox Brown could be quite a challenge.


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