Lady of Shalott,  Tennyson

April Love: A Pre-Raphaelite Painting Revisited

April Love, photo from The Lady of Shalott film
April Love, photo from the Lady of Shalott film
April Love, painted by Arthur Hughes
April Love, painted by Arthur Hughes

I have been following the progress of The Lady of Shalott film project.  With every new photo they share from the set I am struck by their attention to detail.

Feast your eyes upon this modern representation of the Arthur Hughes painting April Love.

Here’s the information I’ve received:

Hi Stephanie

Here is a picture we took of Natasha as ‘April Love‘ we will take this again
when the weather is warmer, but it is a good first run at it. This is one of
the paintings that will be at the Collection (the museum where our film will
be shown), so we couldn’t resist adding her to the audience!


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