Lady of Shalott Film Premiere


The Lady of Shalott premiere will be on May the 15th at the Odeon Cinema, Lincoln (UK) at 10am. Visit their website for information about this stunning project. I plan to follow the progress of the film. As soon as information is available about purchasing it on DVD, I will share it with you. Personally, I can’t wait to have it!

2 thoughts on “Lady of Shalott Film Premiere”

  1. What I woulnd’t give to actually look like the lady in the Waterhouse painting. Or to be a maiden. Or even a knight. Sigh. Oh well, can’t wait to see this film, the pictures on the website are just too dreamy.

  2. Thank you Stephanie for your support. WAG Screen is keeping a few premiere tickets spare in case any of your readers are close enough and want to come. If anyone wants a ticket (available on a first come first served basis), they can email us through our web site. Just mention the Pre-Raphaelite Sisterhood in your email. Pauline


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