New! Pre-Raphaelite Sisterhood T-Shirts

I am thrilled to announce that Pre-Raphaelite Sisterhood T Shirts are now available for purchase. Please visit the T-Shirt page to order. Shirts are priced at $20, plus shipping charges.

This is something I have wanted to do for a long time.  It’s fun and if you purchase one, I hope you’ll email me a picture of you wearing it!  It was important to me that I use a local printer so that I could maintain control and have input on the process.  If people seem to be interested, I will continue to have them printed as they sell.  For now, the shirts are only available in black.  Women’s fitted and Unisex styles to choose from.  The shirts feature an image of Elizabeth Siddal at an easel by Dante Gabriel Rossetti:

Thank you for your support!

15 thoughts on “New! Pre-Raphaelite Sisterhood T-Shirts”

  1. It`s very beautiful but you’ve thought any T-shirt sleeveless for the summer? Something much more light…

  2. I have a question: do the women’s fitted shirts run small or are they equivalent to the unisex size? (I wear a medium) The reason I ask is when I order a fitted shirt, I’m always advised to go up a size in case they run small! But I do like the cut of a fitted better. I WANT TO BE COOL LIKE YOU GUYS AND GET A SHIRT OF MY OWN!!!

  3. Raine, they are definitely ladies’ versions of unisex shirts. Meaning, they fit a little closer to the body than unisex, but definitely also aren’t the “baby doll” style like the Ned and Topsy shirt. I’d say you’re safe buying true to size. I’ll send you a more zoomed-out pic of mine to show you 🙂

  4. Raine, when I chose the shirts I wanted a feminine cut but not a really tight babydoll type because I didn’t want to exclude women that might not want them so tight. I would buy true to size as Grace said…And soon I will be ordering plus sizes! I want to clothe the world! Also, maybe some different color choices.

  5. Stephanie and Grace, thanks! I was just checking. Since all I wear seems to be jeans and t-shirts these days, I wanted to make sure I got a comfortable fit because I will probably be wearing this at work in the bookstore as well. 🙂


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