Last week, I posted about reading the classic fairy tale Undine, in which a water spirit marries a human in order to gain a soul.  If you seek the enchantments of water-women, then a dose of Burne-Jones is in order:

The Sea-Nymph:

The Sea-Nymph

One of the most haunting images I’ve ever seen, The Depths of the Sea:
The Depths of the Sea
The Mermaid:
The Mermaid
Mermaids in the Deep:
Mermaids in the Deep

A Mermaid and her Offspring:
Mermaid with her Offspring

Although I love the depictions of mermaid by Burne-Jones. I must admit that my favorite sea maiden paintings are by Waterhouse:

A Mermaid:

A Mermaid
The Siren:

Recently, my children and I watched the movie Miranda (1948).  It’s an adorable little movie, starring Glynis Johns as a mermaid. Johns looks so gorgeous as a mermaid, I just had to include an image of her here:

If you have any favorite Mermaid or Siren-themed movies, I’d love to hear your recommendations.  We love to gather together movies of a similar theme and create our own movie marathons (Netflix is great for that).

Also, thank you for such positive feedback regarding the Pre-Raphaelite Sisterhood T-Shirt.  I have shipped several this week and you should receive them soon!

16 thoughts on “Mermaids”

  1. I hadn’t see Burne-Jones depictions of mermaids before, thank you for posting these wonderful paintings. I have to agree Waterhouse’s Mermaid is also my favourite to, and the film Miranda is lovely, didn’t recall the mermaid baby – a cute edition.
    I remember a film I watched a few years ago about a Selkie – the film is called The Secret of Roan Inish, filmed in Ireland – more info here


  2. I recently visited a small church in Cambridge, St Peter’s and it has an 11th century font with Mermen! Each Mermen holds the ends of his split tail up to form a symmetrical design! Fascinating thinking about Mermen and not Mermaids!

  3. Well my favorite mermaid is a very modern one who appears in the film Local Hero. She is just as enchanting as any of the more traditional depictions.

  4. I recently wrote a post about the beautiful and haunting movie Rusalochka (a soviet version of The Little Mermaid with a quite different plot). Exquisite costumes, beautiful actors, poetic wintry washed-out lights…

    I include my favourite screenshots (including pre raphaelite-looking ones) and link to the full movie here:

    I’d be really happy if you’d read and comment!

  5. Gorgeous. I’m a big mermaid fan. And preraphaelite is my favorite depictions of them. … this a bit suspicious, however. How come we have to leave our email in order to comment now? 😉

    • I’m sorry if you find it suspicious. It is not new however, since starting this blog in 2007 I have had my discussion settings include the email field. It reduces spam and inappropriate anonymous comments.

  6. The best mermaid I have seen so far is Splash with Daryl Hannah and Tom Hanks. There are various reasons being: she is the first mermaid I saw with a non-green tail, her tail is simply perfect! and it’s a great achievement of prosthetics and costume when considering it was not one applied digitally. Daryl is just the perfect interpretation; she outdid herself in her role as Madison. Tom Hanks was nothing less of a complimentary character as Allen.
    On Stranger Tides is quite enjoyable as a mermaid movie; it gives like 60% importance to mermaids, and the scenes are very nice. As one would imagine anything is achievable when using digital CGI, but still they have nice tails.
    As a mega-fan of mermaids, I even watch the crappy movies out of curious interest…
    But above all, I am more than sure that all you mermaid lovers are certainly expecting the upcoming The Little Mermaid movie starring Chloë Grace Moretz in the title role. A very important point I wish to clear out, she will NOT be portraying Ariel, the beautiful red-head is just the Disney version. Moretz will be portraying the original 1836 story character created by H.C.Andersen.


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