Rossetti and His Baubles

After the previous post about the hair pin (also see this post at The Beautiful Necessity)  I spent today collecting images of recurring jewelry in Rossetti paintings.  So far I have:

Bocca Baciata, modeled by Fanny Cornforth
Bocca Baciata, modeled by Fanny Cornforth. 


Rossetti adorned her hair with a lovely white rose and a piece of jewelry that has always looked like an earring (to my modern eyes)  nestled in her hair.

But what I really love is this necklace:


We see the same necklace in Fair Rosamund, also modeled by Fanny
We see the same necklace in Fair Rosamund, also modeled by Fanny


Above is the necklace, this time with a few extra pieces hanging off of it.  Also, Rossetti has paired it with a string of red beads similar to those we see in Girl at a Lattice:



3 thoughts on “Rossetti and His Baubles”

  1. The red beads are coral, I believe, very popular in many Pre-Raph paintings by different painters, including Sandys and Burne-Jones.

  2. Yes, indeed Sandys used it as well in his painting, ” Medea” dated 1866-68.

    Thanks for these images. It is very exciting to see these. I am currently doing my Masters dissertation on Pre-Raphaelite jewellery: The Avante Garde Archaic, so any info, and images are great for me to see. 🙂


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