Monna Vanna

Rossetti frequently used Alexa Wilding as a model. Tall and voluptuous, she appears in some of his most beautiful works. She is The Blessed Damozel, although she is frequently misidentified in that painting as Elizabeth Siddal. In Monna Vanna, Rossetti has cast Alexa in the role of a vain beauty. Her large-sleeved, opulent gown is … Read more

Millais’ Silver Pillar

After the previous posts about repeated use of objects in Pre-Raphaelite art (Rossetti and His Baubles and Hair Adornment in Rossetti Paintings),  I have taken to scouring images for props used repeatedly.  One of which is this silver ornament or pillar I’ve seen in both The Bridesmaid and Mariana by Sir John Everett Millais: In … Read more

Hair Adornment in Rossetti Paintings

I love to search the paintings of Dante Gabriel Rossetti because he adds so many details and symbolism.  It’s hard not to notice this beautiful spiral-shaped hair clip that seems to have migrated from one canvas to another: A Christmas Carol: The Bower Meadow: Mariana: Grace at The Beautiful Neccessity also has a post about … Read more