Why Wombat Friday?



It’s frivolous.  It’s fun.  Wombat Friday is growing and every week I gleefully enjoy everyone’s contributions.  Apart from the silliness, I’m sort of moved by it all.  It feels like a shared sense of community.  Beneath a layer of wombat tomfoolery lies evidence of our shared passion and enthusiasm.  Somehow we stumbled upon a sort of group project. 

Rossetti was right.  Wombats are a delight and a madness.

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7 Responses to Why Wombat Friday?

  1. Alison says:

    They certainly are. I have a sneaking suspicion that wombat no. 3 may soon be heading my way too…word is she could be called Lizzie…

  2. teabird says:

    never enough wombats!

  3. Grace Nuth via Facebook says:

    I am absolutely awed at how its grown!! Wombats at the exhibition, at Red House, in everyone’s homes! Wombats forever!!! <3

  4. Grace Nuth it’s so exciting and fun…I can’t believe how much it has grown!

  5. Wombat Friday is now officially A THING.

  6. Grace Nuth via Facebook says:

    It sure as heck is! And you started it my dear!!

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