#WombatFriday: Lizzie Siddal, Valentine’s, Friday the 13th

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This week our hero the wombat appears with two book recommendations:

The Legend of Elizabeth Siddal
by Jan Marsh (nonfiction)

A Curl of Copper and Pearl
by Kirsty Stonell Walker (fiction)

Wednesday marked the anniversary of Elizabeth Siddal’s death.  In Dim Phantoms I talk about the Pre-Raphaelite painter, poet, and model and share related links.


Tomorrow, the world will celebrate Love.  Here’s a look at allegories of Love in art.  Love Personified

In anticipation of Valentine’s Day, here are several  love-themed posts from Kirsty Stonell Walker:

Everybody Can-Can: Orpheus in the Underworld

Bad Romance

I love you all! (Victorian Valentine’s cards)

Happy Valentine’s Day, oh beloved readers!

Having it Away

Make your mind up!


National Geographic: Friday the 13th Paranoia Rooted in Ancient History

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