#WombatFriday The Nature of Gothic

Happy #WombatFriday! Any reading plans this weekend? T-Dub found a charming Penguin Books edition of John Ruskin’s “On Art and Life” and I’m sure you can see the excitement all over his wombatty countenance.

“And, on the other hand, go forth and gaze upon the old cathedral front, where you have smiled so often at the fantastic ignorance of the old sculptors: examine once more those ugly goblins, and formless monsters, and stern statues, anatomiless and rigid; but do not mock at them, for they are signs of the life and liberty of every workman who struck the stone; a freedom of thought, and rank in scale of being, such as no laws, no charters, no charities can secure; but which it must be the first aim of all Europe at this day to regain for her children.” John Ruskin, The Nature of Gothic

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