21st Century Stunner

I am thrilled to share this new blog with you — it is one that I’m sure will become a frequent destination of mine since finding ways to combine Pre-Raphaelite elements with contemporary fashion has become a goal of mine. So it is quite timely that The 21st Century Stunner: Pre-Raphaelite Style for the Modern Woman has been created!

Welcome to 21st Century Stunner, a blog for women with an interest in Pre-Raphaelite style, both modern and antique, as well as Artistic / Aesthetic dress and accessories.  This blog is primarily for enjoyment and not meant to be a historical compendium, although scholarly discussion is welcome.  It is my hope that this can be a gathering place of women who like to cultivate a modern Pre-Raphaelite look.

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  1. Thanks so much for mentioning my blog! I finally made it on here to comment…for some reason your site is blocked at my work. Bizarre!


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