April Love


April Love ,  Arthur Hughes  (1855).

William Morris purchased this painting after it was exhibited, narrowly beating John Ruskin who also desired it. The artist exhibited April Love along with these lines from Alfred, Lord Tennyson’s The Miller’s Daughter:

Eyes with idle tears are wet.

Idle habit links us yet.

What is love? for we forget:

Ah, no! no!

5 thoughts on “April Love”

  1. I bought a poster of this in 1976 or so. I always thought it was the prettiest painting from that period. It is always nice to see it. That color is incomparable.

  2. It is a wonderful painting probably my favourite of all. Interesting that Morris bought it. Where is it now? The Tate? Or in private hands?

  3. A new client walked into my office with gorgeously wild hair and a flowing orange dress. A reflexive “Flaming June” popped out of my mouth. “Yes,” she answered, happy to have been recognized.

  4. As a teenager, 45 years ago, I had a postcard of this painting on my bedroom bullitian board. The card was from the gift shop of the Phoenix Art Museum. Thanks for the delightful memory.


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