2 thoughts on “Image of the Week: ‘The Irish Girl’, Ford Madox Brown”

  1. Stephanie, I enjoy Pre-Raphaelite Sisterhood a great deal.
    When I saw this picture of “The Irish Girl,” which I hadn’t seen before, it added to my admiration of Jo Hifernan. It was no mean feat to have modeled for some of Whistler’s and Coubert’s most famous paintings, and to have had affairs with both. I was terribly impressed that after the breakup with Whistler, she cared for his child by another woman. Not only beautiful and fast – for her era – she was compassionate.

  2. I always find the child portraits by Ford Maddox Brown rather troubling because of their “too knowing” expression and the way they are clad. Could you lead me to any mor information on this, please? I already feel more enlightened knowing the models name, thank you.


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