Link: Period Costuming

Enter the world of period costumier Pauline Loven through her new blog Periodwardrobe. Pauline has has created costumes for television and for museum films and displays and also costumed and co-produced The Luttrell Psalter Film, The Lady of Shalott and Life on Church Farm films.

I love reading about the process of Pauline’s work. She’s methodical and pays attention to history, fabric, and details. And when she has a work of art at the center of her project, her handiwork results in what seems to be a magical transformation of a two-dimensional image into a stunningly perfect copy.

It’s a new blog and I’m thrilled to welcome Pauline to the blogging world: Here’s her post about creating 1930’s clothes for the iconic painting American Gothic. And her post about recreating Mona Lisa’s clothes give you a sense of how involved her work is.
Her work on both of those projects can be seen here:

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