#PRBday is coming!

The Pre-Raphaelite Society will be hosting #PRBday on Twitter this Sunday, November 15th. It’s a fun way to discuss the Pre-Raphaelites and I look forward to reading your tweets and talking with you, so don’t be shy!  Participants should include the hashtag #PRBday to join in on the discussion. If you don’t already, I suggest you follow the Pre-Raphaelite Society’s Twitter account.  Of course, I will be tweeting too.  You can connect with me as @beguilingmerlin.  Make sure to tweet your vote for your favourite Pre-Raphaelite work!

From the Pre-Raphaelite Society:
‘We are pleased to announce our popular #PRBday is taking place this
year on Sunday 15 November. This is our chance to commemorate the
formation of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood online and help spread
their legacy. We will be asking people to vote for their favourite
Pre-Raphaelite drawings, painting, and sculptures, and new for this
year, poetry! We would love your support in spreading the word about
#PRBday, to help increase public awareness of the inspiring work of
the PR circle and to draw new members to the Society. Serena
Trowbridge (@serena_t), the editor of The Review, and Madeleine Pearce
(@nouveaudigital), the London and Southern Group coordinator will be
running the day on twitter along with the Society’s main Twitter
account (@PreRaphSoc).’

Visit the blog of The Pre-Raphaelite Society.


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