Pursuing Ellen Terry

Ellen Terry as Lady Macbeth
Ellen Terry as Lady Macbeth by John Singer Sargent

I’ve become quite interested in the actress Ellen Terry . One of the most popular performers of her day, Terry was briefly married to artist G.F. Watts, worked repeatedly with Sir Henry Irving, and had a famous correspondence with Bernard Shaw.

I happened upon this fabulous video, a rare treasure that shares brief footage of Terry in a silent film and a sound recording of her voice.  “The quality of mercy is not strained…”

3 thoughts on “Pursuing Ellen Terry”

  1. Oh, how wonderful! To hear her blessed voice! I am a great devotee of Miss Terry’s. She was one of the women I focused on for my senior thesis, and I have been fascinated by her ever since. I’ve read her autobiography twice and her son’s biography of her. I also have been reading, off and on, the letters between her and George Bernard Shaw. I have also read her friend Alice Comyns Carr’s memoirs, which gives a little extra perspective on some of the productions.

    Have you been to her cottage in Smallhythe in Kent? It is so beautiful!

    Anyway, I look forward to seeing your posts!

  2. Such an amazing dress made with jewel beetles “The picture of me is nearly finished, and I think it is magnificent. The green and blue of the dress is splendid, and the expression as Lady Macbeth holds the crown over her head is quite wonderful . . .” ~ Ellen Terry

  3. Thanks you so much for this. I have been collecting photos and reading about Ellen Terry since the first time I taught Macbeth and showed my class photos of the beetle dress and her portrait. We will listen to her tomorrow.


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