Summer Reading

Sometimes my reading life is haphazard and I dip into whatever strikes me fancy. (The right book, more often than not, seems to find me instead of the other way around.) Other times, I get a great deal of joy in creating an active reading plan to pursue.

On Monday I posted William Michael Rossetti’s account of Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s reading habits because I plan to use it as a catalyst for my summer reading and I thought others might enjoy doing the same:

If you like the idea of using historical figures as a sort of reading guide, the poet William Allingham’s diaries are excellent for that.…/

If you enjoy a supernatural bent, Tim Powers’ Hide Me Among the Graves features the Rossetti clan and vampires

Speaking of supernatural, this post includes a few books that Rossetti enjoyed that influenced his work…/

This post has a few good recommendations if Victorian murders are more to your liking

Before writing her famous bestseller Chocolat, Joanne Harris penned Sleep, Pale Sister, a provocative 19th-century story of madness, lies, and laudanum.

Or you might want to brush up on your Dante

Kirsty Stonell Walker is the source of these excellent reads:

A Curl of Copper and Pearl: “To start with I was nothing, but then the merest sweep of his pencil gave a hint of what I could become.”…/


We Are Villians All:

Whatever you’re reading, I’d love to hear about it. Sometimes there is nothing more satisfying than a good discussion and a bond created over the love of the written word.

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