Vote for your favorite Pre-Raphaelite painting on #PRBday

It is difficult for me to choose a painting to vote for.  I have so many favorites and occasionally I find myself developing a new appreciation for a work that I wasn’t particularly fond of before.  This year, I think I will vote for Elizabeth Siddal’s self portrait.  It’s simple yet bold, resisting all attempts at self-beautification and is delightfully unpretentious.  In the midst of all the beautiful portraits of Pre-Raphaelite women, this work stands out —  Lizzie looks us right in the eye and says “I am not just a model.”


Are you a Twitter user? The Pre-Raphaelite Society is commemorating the formation of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood by using a #PRBDay hashtag on September 8. Please join in! Vote for your favorite Pre-Raphaelite painting by tweeting with #PRBday. You can follow The Pre-Raphaelite Society on Twitter at @PreRaphSoc and visit their website

Happy 25th Anniversary to The Pre-Raphaelite Society!

A couple of quick links to share: Verity Holloway recently blogged about #PRBday and Robert Parry shares his thoughts on the 25th anniversary of The Pre-Raphaelite Society.

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