Watch out for Stunner

Before Christmas, Kirsty Stonell Walker sent me her revised manuscript of Stunner to read.  People, it is awesome.  I’m not sure when the projected release date will be, but as soon as it is out I urge all Pre-Raphaelite enthusiasts to snap up a copy.

Stunner is the first full-length biography of Pre-Raphaelite artist’s model Fanny Cornforth. Fanny has been repeatedly dismissed and overlooked by biographers and art historians since scholarship of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood began. When I first started to research the life of Elizabeth Siddal, I had definite opinions about Fanny which were mainly formed by these dismissive accounts of her. Enter Kirsty, keeper of Fanny’s flame. Kirsty cares for Fanny, you can sense that through her writing. But she does not idealize. She presents Fanny openly and honestly and with a discerning eye.

As soon as Stunner is available for purchase, I’ll let you know. But keep your eye out for Kirsty. She has a Pre-Raphaelite novel in the works. Anything she writes will have a permanent place on my shelves.

Fanny Cornforth in Dante Gabriel Rossetti's Bocca Baciata

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  1. Hooray!! Very excited to read this. And I couldn’t help but chortle at “keeper of Fanny’s flame”. I’m so naughty.

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