Waterhouse: The Mysterious Models

In an earlier post, I shared with you the recently redesigned johnwilliamwaterhouse.com. The works of John William Waterhouse are instantly recognizable for their beautiful, ethereal women — all of whom have that indescribable “Waterhouse” quality. A quality that I can’t quite put my finger on or describe, but they all have it. I suppose it is what I’ve heard referred to as the “it” factor.

WaterhouseArt has created two new videos that I encourage you to view. They are beautifully done and are a lead-in to the forthcoming updates to this article: The Mysterious Models of John William Waterhouse, written by Cathy Baker.

J.W. Waterhouse- The Mysterious Models Part I

J.W. Waterhouse- The Mysterious Models Part II

Read two accompanying articles: A Letter to Miss Lloyd by Julia Kerr and A Waterhouse Sketch Discovered by Scott Thomas Buckle.

4 thoughts on “Waterhouse: The Mysterious Models”

  1. Waterhouse’s models certainly have “it”! They’re also a lot more peaceful looking than Rossetti’s paintings. Interestingly, even though I’m probably a lot more interested in Rossetti’s work, it’s Waterhouse’s that seems to make it’s way into my house. By the way, the article by Cathy Baker was great. Thanks for the link!

  2. I have yet to discover the name of the model that Waterhouse used in MOST of his paintings. Yet she, at least to me was the most beautiful.


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