Rossetti and Ruskin

  In two previous posts, I talked about the marriages of Dante Gabriel Rossetti and John Ruskin.

Here’s a photograph of both men, courtesy of George P. Landow and the Victorian web.  Ruskin looks absolutely frightening with that stick!

June 29, 1863

Albumen Print

Downey made made this double portrait during the same session at Rossetti’s house (16 Cheyne Walk) on June 29, 1863 he photographed Ruskin in Rossetti’s painting chair. The photographe posed his subjects in Rossetti’s garden (which Beerbohm so delightful caricatures). Maas comments: “Rossetti’s handkerchief hangs out sloppily and he stands awkwardly; and, furthermore, Downey objected to the menacing way Ruskin held his stick. He also wanted him seated. “‘Sit in the presence of Rossetti? Never!’ the critic replied.” (Ruskin and His Circle, 24). Downey prevailed for the single photograph of Ruskin by himself.

(Via the Victorian Web)

In the upcoming film Effie, Ruskin will be portrayed by actor Greg Wise with Dakota Fanning as Effie.  Wise definitely looks the part:

9 thoughts on “Rossetti and Ruskin”

  1. Wise definitely looks the part of Ruskin, but why, if Effie is a married woman in this picture, is her hair down!? I can only hope this is a scene where they aren’t married yet. I will reserve my ire until I see the movie. Do we know the release date on the movie yet, or is it too soon?

  2. Every photo released from the set shows her with her hair down so do not expect complete historical accuracy from this film. It will be another historical drama.

  3. alas, I’m not optimistic about this film. It’s is a sad reflection of modern culture-less society that people are more concerned about the private lives of Ruskin and Rossetti than learning about their undoubted genius. I wonder how many people attending this film will have read ‘Sesame and Lilies’ or ‘Until this Last’, etc. let alone ‘Modern Painters’? Movie-goers will, I expect, leave cinemas with a warped picture of the original JR. What happens in courtrooms and what is said don’t always tell the whole story. But I haven’t seen it yet, so must reserve judgement.


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