Transposed onto the Blank Canvas

Today is a thrilling day as I have just received a beautiful and gracious gift from artist Margje Bijl.  You may remember Margje from my post about her project, Reflections on Jane Morris.  If you missed that post, please go read it.  Her work is fascinating and revolves around not only her uncanny physical similarity to Jane Morris but also her deep interest and respect for her. Visit her website at and you may also join the accompanying Facebook group on Jane Morris.

My print is titled Transposed onto the Blank Canvas and I can not wait to have it framed.

Transposed onto the Blank Canvas, Margje Bijl, 2011
Bistre ink and home made iron gall ink drawing,
original photos by Sipco Feenstra, 1992 and Rossetti (John Robert Parsons), 1865

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