The mirror crack’d from side to side

the mirror crackedThe curse has come upon the Lady of Shalott… and”The mirror crack’d from side to side”

The photo above is from the final day of filming of The Lady of Shalott film project. A previous post about this project can be read here and more photos can also be seen at The Beautiful Necessity here and here.  An excerpt from an email from Pauline at WAG Screen says “Note the candles in the
foreground – they are the ones she will take down with her to the boat.
Victoria Rigby – who plays the Lady of Shalott – has been superb, not only
does she look the part and can act and sing, but she is a delight to work
with too.”

Judging from the photos, Victoria Rigby is indeed a perfect choice for the Lady of Shalott. And the details in costuming and set design are impeccable. I think that this project is an inspired idea and it is so easy to see the level of craftsmanship that has been poured into every moment of this film.

WAG Screen is a not-for-profit organisation closely related to WAG (Washingborough Archaeology Group).

4 thoughts on “The mirror crack’d from side to side”

  1. Wow. At first glance I thought this was some amazingly futuristic Pre-Raphaelite image, as it is totally modern in its presentation, yet the lady herself looks JUST LIKE Waterhouse’s subject of the same title. Again, wow!

  2. I love the Pre-Raphaelites, I love the poem, I too have often suffered from unrequited love, and I have explored the poem in a contemporary context with additional reference to what Borges says about mirrors being monstrous, and Baudrillard – you can view my work on the subject here:

    I’m a graduate artist and illustrator based in Lincoln, and dolls form a strong theme throughout my work.

  3. wow, I think I’ll start to belive in “Secret”…someone out there in the world made Lady of Shalott film. I always wanted such film to appear and here it is! Will it appear in internet?


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