Exploring the Lady of Shalott

Alfred, Lord Tennyson’s narrative poem The Lady of Shalott was a subject that Pre-Raphaelite artists depicted repeatedly. Forbidden from interacting with the world, the lady lives a life of solitude, spending her time weaving elaborate tapestries as events of the world are reflected to her through a mirror. Both Tennyson’s poem and the plethora of … Read more

The Unrequited Love of Mariana

Above is Sir John Everett Millais’ painting Mariana, which I’ve blogged about before in this post. Her dress is bluer than blue, the stained glass is exquisite, but let us have a moment of silence for the little mouse who died for Millais to include him in the work. “But where was the mouse to … Read more

Her enchanted hair

And  her enchanted hair was the first gold./And still she sits, young while the earth is old –from Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s sonnet Lady Lilith Lilith appears here with pale skin and clad in a white gown, making her luxurious hair the most vivid thing in the room.  In this painting, Dante Gabriel Rossetti is not … Read more

Lady of Shalott: Our Modern Version of the Curse

Doomed to view life through reflections, her life is a mere shadow with no experiences of her own. Inspired by Tennyson’s poem, the Pre-Raphaelites painted her repeatedly. “The mirror crack’d from side to side;“The curse is come upon me,” criedThe Lady of Shalott.“ She is separate from the world, living in isolation as she creates … Read more

Deborah Rose and The Lady of Shalott

I’m so grateful to singer Deborah Rose for sending me this photo of her with The Lady of Shalott for my museum pics gallery. But I can not simply add it to the gallery without creating its own blog post here, so that I can share her wonderful work with you. Deborah’s love of poetry … Read more

The Lady of Shalott film now available on DVD

I am so excited that The Lady of Shalott in now available for purchase on DVD! The DVD includes: The DVD includes: A magical dramatisation of the poem, The Lady of Shalott. Alfred Tennyson (Ben Poole) reading the poem to an 1856 Christmas audience. An interview between Ben Poole (Tennyson) and Grace Timmins (TennysonResearch Centre, … Read more

Lady of Shalott Film Premiere

The Lady of Shalott premiere will be on May the 15th at the Odeon Cinema, Lincoln (UK) at 10am. Visit their website for information about this stunning project. I plan to follow the progress of the film. As soon as information is available about purchasing it on DVD, I will share it with you. Personally, … Read more

April Love: A Pre-Raphaelite Painting Revisited

I have been following the progress of The Lady of Shalott film project.  With every new photo they share from the set I am struck by their attention to detail. Feast your eyes upon this modern representation of the Arthur Hughes painting April Love. Here’s the information I’ve received: Hi Stephanie Here is a picture … Read more

New Facebook Fan Page for The Lady of Shalott Film

WAG Screen has created a Facebook Fan Page for their current project, The Lady of Shalott film. If you’re a Facebook user, add them to your friends list. They’ve created a wonderful page with videos, stills, and news about the film. RELATED POSTS: About the Project Photo from Final Day of Filming Victoria Rigby as … Read more

The mirror crack’d from side to side

The curse has come upon the Lady of Shalott… and”The mirror crack’d from side to side” The photo above is from the final day of filming of The Lady of Shalott film project. A previous post about this project can be read here and more photos can also be seen at The Beautiful Necessity here … Read more

The Lady of Shalott Film

I was browsing the artmagick forum when I discovered this exciting announcement: “2009 is the bicentenary of the birth of Alfred, Lord Tennyson here in Lincolnshire. As part of the celebrations a major exhibition of Pre-Raphaelite art, including some of Waterhouse’s works, will be shown at The Collection, Lincoln from May.” “WAG Screen is also … Read more