Wombats love Jane Morris

Inspired by artist Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s passion for wombats, every Friday is Wombat Friday at Pre-Raphaelite Sisterhood. “The Wombat is a Joy, a Triumph, a Delight, a Madness!” ~ Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Happy #WombatFriday!  Our art-loving wombat admires a photograph of Jane Morris. You know wombats are drawn to Jane Morris’ unconventional beauty. 


Last weekend, I shared my mantra: Find something beautiful. Hang on to it.

Kirsty Stonell Walker recently celebrated her 500th post at The Kissed Mouth.  Her recent post, A Well-Connected Woman of Photographs explores  Sarah Angelina Acland, the First Lady of Colour Photography.

Between you and me, William: Verity Holloway shares Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s impression of Waterloo.

Interesting post from The Frame Blog: Frames and the Internet.

In Australia, the National Gallery of Victorian to host Pre-Raphaelite Symposium.

Richard Dadd: The art of Bedlam review. Visions from a fevered mind.

Jane Morris and wombat, drawn by Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Jane Morris and wombat, drawn by Dante Gabriel Rossetti



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