Mortal Love Discussion

I wanted to write a final post about our October book selection, but I find that my words can not do it justice.  Mortal Love is a complicated book.  I think Elizabeth Hand captured something elusive and beautiful in her work and when I try to write about it, I am struck by how woefully … Read more

The Green Girl

If you are reading Mortal Love along with us, you may have noticed that part one of  the book is titled The Green Girl.  It strikes me as such a perfect phrase when dealing with anything that even remotely alludes to the Pre-Raphaelites. This post isn’t really about Mortal Love, I’ll save that for later. … Read more

Pre-Raphaelite Reading Project: Mortal Love

 I hope you’ll like the October selection for the Pre-Raphaelite Reading Project.  It’s time for a modern book.  For those of you new to the reading project, we alternate classic books with modern ones. Mortal Love is an unusual novel by Elizabeth Hand.  This is the first time I’ve selected a book that I’ve read … Read more

Mortal Love

I’ve seen this book online many times, but when I happened upon it in the library I could not resist its call. How can I not be tempted to read a book with a Rossetti stunner gracing the cover? At this point, I am about 100 pages into the tale. The language is lush and … Read more