What’s up with the wombats?

“Rossetti was the planet around which we revolved, we copied his way of speaking. All beautiful women were “stunners” with us. Wombats were the most beautiful of God’s creatures.”–artist Valentine Cameron Prinsep Wombat Friday began in 2013 when, in a moment of frivolity, I posted several pictures of wombats with cake and books in a … Read more

#WombatFriday News, Links

Happy #WombatFriday! You can follow Pre-Raphaelite Sisterhood on Facebook or Twitter. Posts at Pre-Raphaelite Sisterhood this week included Veronica Veronese and Aspecta Medusa, both by Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Kirsty Stonell Walker reviewed the catalogue for Art & Soul: Victorians and the Gothic.  And took a look at Selfies and self portraits. The William Morris Gallery is … Read more

Wombat Friday Archives: 2013

Wombat Friday was born out of a casual conversation among friends.  Yes, I realize Wombat Wednesday probably sounds better, but it was a spontaneous act of frivolity and I hope it stays that way.  Previous posts: Why Wombat Friday?, and Brief Explanation of Wombat Friday. Kirsty Stonell Walker wrote an excellent post explaining Rossetti and … Read more

Happy Wombat Friday

Once again, that cheeky wombat makes his appearance.  Here he is with Lizzie Siddal. Are you missing out on the wombat fun?  If you’re a Twitter user, just search the hashtag #wombatfriday.  Or take a look at my feed.  I retweet as many Friday wombats as I can. My Twitter name is beguilingmerlin, after the … Read more

Wombat Friday: Ellen Terry on Rossetti’s Animals

Last week I shared an account of Burne-Jones and Rossetti and their fascination with that delightful creature, the wombat. Today I share another contemporary account of Rossetti and his strange collection of animals.  Alas, no mention of the beloved wombat, but it is an interesting account of Rossetti and his menagerie. From The Story of … Read more

Wombat Friday: And the winner is…

It has been a difficult week. So many troubling stories in the news. The Pre-Raphaelites had it right when they sought to include nature in their works, for today this simple, cheerful flower has boosted my mood. Happy Wombat Friday! “Nature is painting for us, day after day, pictures of infinite beauty if only we … Read more

Wombat Friday: The Fairy Tale Edition

 Wombats can participate in Mythic March too, you know. Pre-Raphaelites and Fairy Tales are a perfect combination.  Beauty, magic, perhaps a hint of danger.  So today’s Wombat Friday is all about celebrating Fairy Tales.  But first, you have to welcome Kirsty, who shares her first Wombat Friday post at The Kissed Mouth.  Now, for your … Read more