#WombatFriday: Mad Tea-Party edition

“Take some more tea,” the March Hare said to Alice, very earnestly. “I’ve had nothing yet,” Alice replied in an offended tone, “so I can’t take more.” “You mean you can’t take less,” said the Hatter: “it’s very easy to take more than nothing.” This week, I blogged about Lewis Carroll and the Pre-Raphaelites and Alice … Read more

#WombatFriday: Lizzie Siddal, Valentine’s, Friday the 13th

Happy  Wombat Friday!  You can follow Pre-Rapahelite Sisterhood on Facebook and Twitter. This week our hero the wombat appears with two book recommendations: The Legend of Elizabeth Siddal by Jan Marsh (nonfiction) A Curl of Copper and Pearl by Kirsty Stonell Walker (fiction) Wednesday marked the anniversary of Elizabeth Siddal’s death.  In Dim Phantoms I talk … Read more

#WombatFriday News, Links

Happy #WombatFriday! You can follow Pre-Raphaelite Sisterhood on Facebook or Twitter. Posts at Pre-Raphaelite Sisterhood this week included Veronica Veronese and Aspecta Medusa, both by Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Kirsty Stonell Walker reviewed the catalogue for Art & Soul: Victorians and the Gothic.  And took a look at Selfies and self portraits. The William Morris Gallery is … Read more

A Friday the 13th #WombatFriday

This week, Wombat Friday falls on Friday the 13th AND a full moon.  Our wombat hero visits Luna by Sir Edward Burne-Jones. You can follow the weekly #wombatfriday madness on Twitter (here’s the #wombatfriday hashtag link; you can follow me on Twitter as @beguilingmerlin). If you are a Facebook user, connect with me on the … Read more

Vote for your favorite Pre-Raphaelite painting on #PRBday

It is difficult for me to choose a painting to vote for.  I have so many favorites and occasionally I find myself developing a new appreciation for a work that I wasn’t particularly fond of before.  This year, I think I will vote for Elizabeth Siddal’s self portrait.  It’s simple yet bold, resisting all attempts … Read more

Happy Wombat Friday

Once again, that cheeky wombat makes his appearance.  Here he is with Lizzie Siddal. Are you missing out on the wombat fun?  If you’re a Twitter user, just search the hashtag #wombatfriday.  Or take a look at my feed.  I retweet as many Friday wombats as I can. My Twitter name is beguilingmerlin, after the … Read more

Why Wombat Friday?

It’s frivolous.  It’s fun.  Wombat Friday is growing and every week I gleefully enjoy everyone’s contributions.  Apart from the silliness, I’m sort of moved by it all.  It feels like a shared sense of community.  Beneath a layer of wombat tomfoolery lies evidence of our shared passion and enthusiasm.  Somehow we stumbled upon a sort … Read more

Wombat Friday: An Easter Celebration

Happy Easter!  Pictured in the background is Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s ‘The Girlhood of Mary Virgin‘, Rossetti’s first oil painting and the first work to bear the inscription ‘PRB’.  His models for this work were his mother, Frances Polidori Rossetti, and sister Christina. For new readers, here’s an explanation of Wombat Friday and don’t miss this post at … Read more

Wombat Friday: The Fairy Tale Edition

 Wombats can participate in Mythic March too, you know. Pre-Raphaelites and Fairy Tales are a perfect combination.  Beauty, magic, perhaps a hint of danger.  So today’s Wombat Friday is all about celebrating Fairy Tales.  But first, you have to welcome Kirsty, who shares her first Wombat Friday post at The Kissed Mouth.  Now, for your … Read more

Wombat Friday

A few weeks ago, on a whim, I celebrated the fact that it was Friday by posting a photo of a wombat.  Then the lovely Madeleine Pearce (@nouveaudigital) tweeted the hashtag #wombatfriday, probably not realizing that she is only encouraging my childish antics and now I can not stop. This week, the wombat brushes up … Read more

Help The Lady of Shalott film be released online for free

The Lady of Shalott film is one of the most beautiful projects I have ever seen.  On an aesthetic level, it encompasses everything I love:  diligence to history and craftsmanship, the poetry of Tennyson, and a lush, cinematic quality that allows you to briefly be cocooned into the medieval world of Elaine of Astolat.  On … Read more

Celebrate PRB Day Online

Are you a Twitter user? The Pre-Raphaelite Society is commemorating the formation of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood by using a #PRBDay hashtag on September 8. You can follow The Pre-Raphaelite Society on Twitter at @PreRaphSoc and visit their website http://www.pre-raphaelitesociety.org/. Also, there is much excitement about the new Tate exhibit, Pre-Raphaelites: Victorian Avant-Garde. You can join … Read more

Collecting Doppelgangers

As mentioned in my previous post, I am making an effort to start archiving my web interactions that are related to this site. I recently posted How They Met Themselves, Rossetti’s painting of medieval doppelgangers (I also mentioned this work in Pre-Raphaelites, Doctor Who and how you see the world). So, with doppelgangers on the … Read more

But in her web she still delights

I’m lucky enough to have regular readers here at Pre-raphaelite Sisterhood and several lovely followers on the accompanying Facebook page. The Facebook page has been convenient for me, especially since my daily schedule has been different over the summer and I haven’t posted as much here as I would have liked. Plus, the facebook page … Read more

New Facebook Fan Page for The Lady of Shalott Film

WAG Screen has created a Facebook Fan Page for their current project, The Lady of Shalott film. If you’re a Facebook user, add them to your friends list. They’ve created a wonderful page with videos, stills, and news about the film. RELATED POSTS: About the Project Photo from Final Day of Filming Victoria Rigby as … Read more